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He estado buscando algo de información sobre los orígenes del Huscarl hasta encontrar varios artículos. Mientras que en Uclés Anders se mostró ambiguo sobre el natalicio de este estilo tan difundido (“lo desarrollamos otros dos tipos y yo hace muchos años”),
Alban Depper de los Jomsvikings no tiene empacho de atribuirse gran parte del mérito en este artículo (“I am indebted to Roland Warzecha, Christoffer Cold and Anders Helseth for essential advice when writing this article. Moreover, without them, Huscarl would not have developed as it has”):

Y en este otro, Roland Warzecha de los Hammaborg hace lo propio, mencionando de nuevo a Anders de Kongshirden:

He utilizado el traductor del Google para pasarlo del alemán al inglés:

What is HUSCARL?
Roland Warzecha

Huscarl described in the Viking Age Scandinavia, a professional warrior, the Guard a member Jarl or king. The "house boys" (Karl / guy = free to carry weapons to legitimate husband), after the conquest by the Danes in the year 1014 as the elite troops of the Anglo-Danish King Canute the Great, also introduced in England. Its end finally came with the Battle of Hastings in the year 1066, when the French Normans conquered England.

1999 suggested in the European Viking Re-enactment scene, widely known Englishman Alban Deppe (born 1965), under the name HUSCARL an initiative which had the goal, a realistic combat using Clear (blunt) weapon replicas early to know. It did not matter - as is often misunderstood - for the well re-established enactmentschlachten battle system easy to hit a larger area to expand. Rather, the focus should be on the learning of the original use of the early weapons are so different than in the re-enactment-fencing, where a light tapping with the blade will decide the battle, resulting in a unique handling of the weapons has evolved. In addition, the re-enactment-Fencing - unlike Huscarl - an "incorporeal" sport similar to modern sport fencing. While the majority of re-enactors skeptical up this initiative was opposed, not later than the end of 2000 began a few vikings groups in Germany and Norway, but also in Denmark, Sweden and Holland, is experimentally Huscarl standing behind the idea to approach.

Yet none knew where the journey should go. Source material that the fencing of the books would be comparable to the late Middle Ages, there is the actual fighting techniques of the early Middle Ages not. But at least, professional Viking warriors fully and regularly fight games, javelin throwing, archery, wrestling and fighting with sword and shield-trained, as we know from the Old Norse "Konungs Skuggsja," the king mirror. Also Saxo Grammaticus writes in his' Gesta Danorum, "the deeds of the Danes, that physical exercise, and instruction Mutproben by veterans to train young warriors belonged. About the martial arts is different, however, not reported.

So it was only logical for the Huscarl enthusiasts to participate in "later" sources based, for example The Tower of I.33 sword book about 1300 for Sword and Buckler, as it first by members of the Norwegian group Kongshirden Akershus 1308 was practiced, which is already next to the Viking era of the presentation is devoted to that era and also became the first in Norway, with the corresponding Seminars Western Martial Artist icons Dave Rawlins and Colin Richards organized. What is interesting in this context to mention that Colin Richards - even for over 20 years Viking Reenactors - roughly coinciding with the beginnings of his studies elsewhere Huscarl of fencing books began. Over the years, Colin and presented the author with occasional meetings repeatedly striking similarities in their reconstructions of the sword firmly. It felt both as a confirmation, since the influences of the author from other sources dined:

According to the consideration that the fighters at all times the laws of physics and the realities of the subject anatomy, and thus to similar or the same evidence had come, it is suggested in the reconstruction of historical martial arts to modern martial arts-oriented, where these not "versportlicht" and thus no longer the sole target, the enemy quickly and efficiently to incapacitating. For the Hamburg »House guys" turned out to be acquainted with the struggle and war artists Axel Wagener and Heiko Lempio, for her work as a security expert their long experience in the so-called UCC (Ultimate Close Combat) bundles have a real godsend. Simple and effective, it is with or without weapons to fight the unconditional Liechtenauerschen in the best sense. Naturally, there is a focus on training sparring impressive. Since September 2000, the author trained regularly UCC. Heiko Lempio struggling now turn his fascination Huscarl. The Hamburg group Hammaborg fencing has made her twice the week long training exercises, and many Trainingsmodi transferred from the UCC, together with blunt steel swords, so also in accordance with the relevant training objectives wood and upholstered arms are used.

Huscarl focus is the duel with one-handed sword and no shield / dagger Buckler and trained group of rare battles (... primarily due to the lack of suitable fighters). Pole arms, especially Lanzen can only see it under the existing difficult to integrate. The restriction on the early Armory is but little more, since the contact with the historical fencing intensify. The battle with the iron (blunt) long sword is probably due to the Stichlastigkeit and leverage of the larger problem than the one-handed sword, but certainly not impossible. Meanwhile Huscarl thus sees itself as an ever-evolving, practical approach to the reconstruction of historical European martial arts and war techniques. It is all enthusiasts know that it always acts to simulations. The safety of the fencers will remain top priority - but that is the reason for the well-known paradox of every battle training: The enemy is a partner, not foe. In this sense, there is - contrary to all predictions calls - in Huscarl not blindly obtuse upgraded and three beaten. With appropriate training, it is much more feasible, while free fighting with steel brunt of the blows and bites to take part, without the flow.

Here you can see a short movie to Huscarl. >>>

Facial bites can only hint at. In order to sparring but ever to be able to assess what a "good" was found, are permanent blow against training dummies, or even cutting tests is essential. It is Vollkontaktkämpfen with appropriate protective equipment and padded arms settled part of the training.

Just a word to fight rules: rules change, depending on the training focus. Clear all serious fighters but it is known that, ever more realistic simulation to be more subjective assessment of an individual struggle. So if you are generally expected to clear the points, will be disappointed. Since the Huscarl community but so far from entirely fair, responsible people, is also not relevant. You can feel anyway, when one is defeated!

... and where can you train?
In addition to seminars we recommend contacting the following 'Hauskerlen "or groups:

Hammaborg, the group of the author: info@hammaborg.de

Neustadt Glewe
Svart-Vikings, the group of Maik »Svart" Schulz, dedicated organizer of many meetings and trainings: info@svart-wikinger.de

Matthias Ullrich, Vikings veteran, historical fencers and Huscarl-lone: matzurkion@web.de

Alban Deppe of Northan, Huscarl initiator and Viking professional alban@northan.net

Oslo, NOR
Anders Helseth of Kongshirden, historical and missionary Fechter Norway: smedgutt@hotmail.com

Other contact persons with "relevant" interest:

Julian and Kelle Huntscha kelle_strongbow@yahoo.de

Blain Fries blain.fries @ gmx.de

Copenhagen DK
Christoffer Cold-Ravnkilde chriscold@hotmail.com

Aarhus DK
Ruud Conijn conijn@mail.tele.dk

NL Alphen a. d. Rijn
Marc Lievestro marclievestro@yahoo.com

This list is not exhaustive. Huscarl is partially confirmed by other groups trained, but their emphasis on the re-enactment-fencing is located.

Basically you must but make no mistake: Huscarl requires no less sudorific training than traditional martial arts. Until it is in the free struggle with steel rockt correctly, it needs good and like two or three years regular training. But should one start anyway sinnigerweise first with bare hands or wooden weapons. Armor and sword you need not initially.

... now and where you can Huscarl fence?
For two years, organized Maik »Svart" Schulz in the context of the beginning of June, held in New Castle Festival Glewe (between Hamburg and Berlin) is a Huscarl tournament. Rules to make every battle in the sport, but as a tournament mode, the proven 3/1-System: Verloren, who first 3 body hits or a head or neck has collected hits. There is the possibility of the Castle Festival, with the Vikings of Russia's "Silver Wolf" to train their Fechtsytem perfectly compatible.

Otherwise take some Huscarl-fencer on the verge of major re-enactment events, the common blade crosses.

With a growing number of interested fencers also offer historical fencing events to a meeting place, and of course the special event Huscarltreffen.

... the adventure continues.

«Just stories? All things begin and end as stories.»

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Tengo la fortuna de conocer a Christoffer y a varios instructores de la Joms, por lo que estoy bastante metido en el tema de los estilos de combate.
De hecho tengo un proyecto en marcha sobre este tema para popularizar las normativas y formas europeas en la recreación española, que por lo que he visto por el momento se desconocen prácticamente por completo.. Lo cual siempre resulta en discusiones tontas entre grupos y caos en los eventos.

He visto que os movéis con lo de la esgrima histórica, pero que estilos de combate hacéis? hacéis Huscarl?

NotaPublicado: Lun Ago 26, 2013 7:28 pm 
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En el clan del cuervo trabajamos varios estilos diferentes; el "free style" competitivo que se usa en recreación en muchos paises como un sistema competitivo en el que se buscan huecos en la guardia aunque prescindiendo de la potencia, o alguno más parecido al Huscarl como lo entienden los noruegos de Kongshirden.
De todas formas con los años te das cuenta de que esto de los sistemas cerrados de combate realmente no tiene mucho sentido y que él que es bueno haciendo una cosa, basicamente hace bien el resto.

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